Zombies in Bromma

I sometimes visit a wealthy Stockholm suburb

Many inhabitants of Bromma afford nice private homes, some hire illegal aliens to clean their houses and take care of their kids. The residents of Bromma are seldom seen outdoors except for the occasional stroll with a beloved pet. This suburb has always seemed dead, and I deem its inhabitants to be social retards, but I would never have suspected this …

The other night I saw three black vans outside a garage. I heard groans and moans and muffled cries from behind the vehicles. When I cautiously approached them a woman opened a car dor and shouted:
”There are sick people here, police and medical staff will deal with this. It is a family tragedy, you must leave!”
Unfortunately I did not carry my camera but managed to snap a picture the following day. These vans don’t look anything like ambulance or a police vehicles. The plastic bags beside the car emitted a horrible stench.

I decided to have a look around.

I don’t know what to make of it. Is it the first case? Is it an isolated outbreak? Is it safe to visit Bromma and what about the rest of Stockholm?

I was approached by a granny and a kid (you can spot them behind the black railing in an earlier picture) and did not know if I should alert, or avoid, them. They both looked haggard, but I guess it might result from endless family dinners and too much TV.

The owner of the grocery store in Nockeby claims the boarded up entrance is connected to the home for the elderly across the road. The houses in the background are one of the few gated homes for the elderly in Sweden. The compound is fenced and patrolled by guards. I fear an outbreak on these premises might go unnoticed for long. Who will be able to say when the elders turn from seniors to zombies? What if the people of Bromma rather keep their seniors locked up and strapped down than admit that something has gone terribly wrong in their wealthy neighbourhood?

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