Mysterious beggars

What is this guy up to? I found him outside Lidl at Folkungagatan in Stockholm The sign says: I do not need your money. And what is this all about? He was stranded outside metro station Gamla stan. The guy held a hat under the sign. I gave him five crowns, I don’t know if that was good? This teddy bear is a stand-in for a real beggar — one of the violent polish guys pestering metro station Gamla stan. They are usually rude and threatening... Read More

Feel like crapping

Outdoor action You know the feeling: out for a stroll and suddenly there’s a turtlehead in your panties and you’re desperate to find a place to dump the big one. You have a handkercfief in your pocket and think it will all be solved in a blissful minute, or two, and discover that some bugger have put up a note. We have a hidden camera and take shots of everyone who takes a shit here. We will put the movies on the net at So... Read More

Secret War

I took a stroll in Bromma one spring morning and walked past these serene houses. I saw some kind of den on the opposite side of the road. And when I started to ascend the mountain beyond the houses I came upon this disturbing construction. Somebody evidently wanted me to turn back. I found other signs of occult activity. And who use this den and for what purpose? I found a stick on the path which leads to the top of the mountain. It had evidently... Read More