We have been expecting them for long.

They came last summer.

There will be more control.

Twisted faces infiltrate our minds.

Those who rule are ruled. What’s on your mind Fredrik?

The final connection; the final solution


Fredrik is the Prime minister of Sweden, the photo was taken during last years election campain. Expressen and Dagens Nyheter are two big Swedish news papers owned by the Bonnier family which control most of Sweden’s media. As for the Bilderberg group – check it out yourself at Fredrik have been there, as well as guys from the aforementioned papers. And, as a concidence, Carl Bildt was assigned foreign minister of Sweden a couple of months after they both attented a meeting with the  Bilderberg group. These pictures were taken during the summer of 2010 around Slussen in Stockholm. The 9/11-graffiti was sighted at Sankt Paulsgatan a few blocks away.

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