Secret War

I took a stroll in Bromma one spring morning and walked past these serene houses.

I saw some kind of den on the opposite side of the road.

And when I started to ascend the mountain beyond the houses I came upon this disturbing construction. Somebody evidently wanted me to turn back.

I found other signs of occult activity.

And who use this den and for what purpose?

I found a stick on the path which leads to the top of the mountain. It had evidently been used by man – but for what purpose? I got an impression, I can’t explain how, that the stick had been dropped by someone in flight.

There was a note at the highest point of the mountain.

I lifted the rock which held the note in place and read:

Hi Super loser fattsos. We don’t bother to make any more war today. From the winners to the losers.

Thus the secret war came to a hard-fought truce – which will probably be broken the following afternoon when the combatants are released from schools and nearby kindergartens.

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