Mysterious beggars

What is this guy up to? I found him outside Lidl at Folkungagatan in Stockholm
The sign says: I do not need your money.

And what is this all about? He was stranded outside metro station Gamla stan. The guy held a hat under the sign. I gave him five crowns, I don’t know if that was good?
This teddy bear is a stand-in for a real beggar — one of the violent polish guys pestering metro station Gamla stan. They are usually rude and threatening but one day they surprised me with a stuffed animal.
2 Responses to “Mysterious beggars”
  1. Leo says:

    Wierd. What’s the old fool begging for, if not money, I wonder?

  2. Ulf Staflund says:

    Attention? A life? I don’t know, but I liked his routine.

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