Feel like crapping

Outdoor action

You know the feeling: out for a stroll and suddenly there’s a turtlehead in your panties and you’re desperate to find a place to dump the big one.

You have a handkercfief in your pocket and think it will all be solved in a blissful minute, or two, and discover that some bugger have put up a note.

We have a hidden camera and take shots of everyone who takes a shit here. We will put the movies on the net at www.bajsanu.se

So I solved my problem in another, boring, fashion and went to a nearby café and used their toilet.

It was a con

When I got home I tried to check the site for some hot movies but realised it doesn’t exist. I am proud to announce that if you’re in the vicinity of Saltmätargatan 11 in Stockholm and want some nice outdoor action it is safe to crouch behind the green container.

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