Dancing Like Dead Puppets

This is a song I wrote and recorded with Tapio Kari. It’s connected to a story I’ve developed in different projects over the years. Tapio programmed the drums and recorded the rhytm guitar, I did the rest. 


A million souls surviving the mental holocaust

Dancing like dead puppets, the last ones, the lost

Women, men and children, we had no choice at all,                          the fall.


I rose up from the ruins and walked the earth again.

We roamed afar in search of families, friends – well them:

The women, men and children that followed the final road,

”You must seek imidiate refuge

in the shelter towns, everything is prepared for you.”                      underground.


A million stayed behind while billions followed in line.

As the tunnels opened wide, I decided to hide.


We dance like dead puppets and become alive again.

I don’t know what happened to all of those who went below:

The women, men and children who chose to heed the call,

”… a great danger in staying,

the atmosphere will not be possible to breathe.”                                 the fall.


Perhaps we are the last ones walking the face of the earth

But the girl by the camp fire, sang that we are the first

Women, men and children, to be free from the rein                          of pain.


We left the lake this morning and approached the broken sky line

And walked the lonely streets again – everything will be fine.




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