Secret War

The note

I took a stroll in Bromma one spring morning and walked past these serene houses. I saw some kind of den on the opposite side of the road. And when I started to ascend the mountain beyond the houses I came upon this disturbing construction. Somebody evidently wanted me to turn back. I found other signs of occult activity. And who use this den and for what purpose? I found a stick... Read More

Utopian Carnival in Stockholm 2011

Folkhav C

Leftists, environmentalists and anarchists make an annual parade in Stockholm   The Utopian Carnival of Stockholm 2010 sucked big time Last year it was all cops and rain. I saw riding policemen, a helicopter, massive numbers of patrolling officers and loads of police vehicles. The cop-vans drove slowly beside the carnival train like a moving wall to protect shops from potentially... Read More