CTRL head

We have been expecting them for long. They came last summer. There will be more control. Twisted faces infiltrate our minds. Those who rule are ruled. What’s on your mind Fredrik? The final connection; the final solution Background Fredrik is the Prime minister of Sweden, the photo was taken during last years election campain. Expressen and Dagens Nyheter are two big Swedish... Read More

Secret War

The note

I took a stroll in Bromma one spring morning and walked past these serene houses. I saw some kind of den on the opposite side of the road. And when I started to ascend the mountain beyond the houses I came upon this disturbing construction. Somebody evidently wanted me to turn back. I found other signs of occult activity. And who use this den and for what purpose? I found a stick... Read More

The City of Masks (Maskernas stad)


A city walk towards the land of dream I made a novel called Karnevalens tid (The Time of the Carnival) which takes place in Stockholm. At the end of the book readers are invitied to a reality game called Maskspel (Mask Play). Between 2007 and 2009 me, Gabriel Widing and Emil Hietanen made a series of events which were a continuation of the book story. Maskernas stad was a city... Read More